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Q. How much is the bus? Is there a deposit?

A. Time is scheduled in 4hr blocks @$995. Fees are due in full to schedule a date. Click our "book now" button for dates and availability.

Q. Can I see the bus in person before I book it?
A. Sorry, viewings are scheduled by availability and only with the receipt generated after booking a date.

Q. How many people can fit on the bus?

A. You and 35 or less of your friends.

Q. Do you provide beverages or food?

A. No, but you can Bring Your Own Bottle. Under aged drinking not allowed, service can terminated without question!

Q. How far can we take the bus?
A. Within a 50mile radius of Charlotte, NC

36 Passengers
In a Vehicle Made for a Night Out

Reserve a night you won't forget.